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Years of experience in the financial industry

Teaching thousands of traders worldwide, we understand the importance of individual approach. Our educators `use` comprehensive and unique strategies to make trading an interesting and rewarding experience.

Variety of information on different markets

We provide alerts or signals about many trading opportunities on the foreign currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. Our free pips alerts help students make income-generating decisions.

Learning in-depth with our library

Our educational library offers multiple resources, such as e-books, video courses, training software, and many more perfect for both, new and experienced traders.

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About Stoxtrades

StoxTrades offers education on Forex trading, CFD's, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. We have been always advocating high standards of teaching by using the most advanced techniques to make trading education practical for all kinds of traders. Our educational platform is designed to manage all the signals, get customer support and much more.

We want our clients to be successful, so our goal is to equip them with trading knowledge, which they can use in live trading.

While we are not a trading platform, we are proud to work only with regulated brokers, which provide the world's leading financial products, innovative technology, and trading security.

Get advantage of great teaching experience and we will refer you to trusted and regulated brokers to get hands-on experience.